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Catalyst characterisation
Catalysts play an important role in the industrial synthesis of organic molecules. That is why the improvement of the catalytic properties and extended lifetime are continuously investigated.
Tascon can offer you an insight in the composition of the surface of the catalyst, which is where the reaction takes place and where activity and selectivity of the catalyst are determined. This is true when the catalyst is in the R&D stage, when its quality needs to be assured or when the catalyst needs to be optimised.
Typical issues that Tascon can help resolving in the field of catalysis are:
— Quantification of the element composition in the outermost atomic layer of the catalyst. Of course, the surface of the catalyst can be prepared by a reduction or an oxidation in situ at elevated temperatures.
— Detection of poisoning or promoting elements at the catalyst surface.
— Characterisation of (supported) Core-Shell nanoparticles.
— Determination of the average metal particle size on the catalyst surface.
— Detection of organic contamination as the cause for catalyst failure (coking, etc.)
— ...
You can find more information at www.tascon.eu or in a direct conversation with the Tascon experts at +49 251 1622 400 or at tascon@tascon-gmbh.de.

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