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Micro-Stirrer, Boosting biomolecular interactions
The Micro-Stirrer brings direct agitation into analyte solutions applied to conventional microarrays. The system thereby enhances signals and reduces simultaneously the time required for hybridization.
Molecules like DNA strands or proteins are transported actively via magneto-beads to their binding sites on individual microarray probe spots. The beads are driven in three dimensions by external magnetic gradient fields. Thus, the accessibility of individual probe spots, which is generally limited by diffusion or Brownian motion, is tremendously enhanced and the signal homogeneity improved.
The Micro-Stirrer is based on magnetic nano-spheres which are added to the analyte solution prior to hybridization. No further modifications to existing analysis protocols have to be made, moreover, no extra sample volume is required. In addition the driving system for the magneto-beads is completely isolated from the reaction chamber. These unique features make the presented agitation approach an easy and worthwhile extension to existing bio analysis systems.

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